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Payment Terms


Payment due within 7 days. Any questions in relation to the invoice must be raised within 3 days otherwise it will be deemed as accepted.

We reserve the right to charge interest on late payments at 8% above The Bank of England base rate. This is in accordance with the late payment legislation.

All services with us will cease when any overdue balance reaches 10 days. Services will resume on full settlement of your account.


Quotation Terms


Once our quotation is accepted and has been raised as a job request internally, it will be added to our job planner.

We will then schedule a date that we plan to start the requested work(s). If the date isn’t convenient, we will do our very best to find an alternative date that will work best for the customer.

If the agreed job is cancelled by the customer after it has been moved to the job planner, there will be a 10% admin cancellation fee charged for any jobs that are quoted for over £100. The cancellation fee will be due within 7 days. We reserve the right to charge interest on late payments at 8% above The Bank of England base rate. This is in accordance with the late payment legislation.



8 – Weekly Cleaning Round


After accepting our quotation for an 8 weekly window clean. Please read the following terms and conditions and information regarding our Pure Water System.


If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us within 48 hours of the work being carried out. We will do our upmost to rectify any issues.  


Please note if you are new to our rounds and haven’t had your windows cleaned for a while, it might take a few cleans until the windows and frames are up to standard.

We suggest having a window clean every 8-weeks to keep them up to standard and cannot accept responsibility for them looking spotty or steaky if a round is skipped.


Please inform us if you have an outside tap and if you are happy for us to use it or not. This is so we know what vans we can/can’t send to your address and obviously, so that we don’t use your tap if you would rather we didn’t, or if you are on a water meter. Please also inform us of anything you think we should know (gate codes etc).


Please note there will be a cleaning charge of £10 added to any invoice where the Operatives or Equipment become contaminated in dog mess. We kindly ask you to remove any mess from the areas our Operatives will be working on the day of your appointment.


You will receive an email or text message informing you of your window cleaning appointment at least 3 days before we call out. If you do not require the service on that occasion, please respond so we don’t turn up to your house.

If a clean is skipped on the day and the office hasn’t been informed the charge will still apply to the customer as we have booked this space out for your clean. You can email or phone/text 07770 467323 at any time.



A little information on the Pure Water System we use at Hi-Lite Roof & Gutter Maintenance Ltd


We use a Pure Water System. This enables our staff to work from the ground with Water Fed Poles. Unlike the traditional method of using a ladder, bucket, and squeegee, our Pure Water System entails using a lightweight telescopic pole with a fixed soft brush head at the end. This feeds water onto the window for the operative to then use to clean the glazing, frames and ledges. 


Purified water is made using regular mains water which is forced through a series of filters; the first is a paper filter to remove any sediment, the second is a carbon block filter to remove any chlorine and on the final stage the water passes through a vessel of high-grade resin which 'polishes' the water. Polish is a term used to describe the final stage of the filtration. This entire process removes the tiny, microscopic particles found within the water, such as calcium which is what often causes those streaky white marks.  



Thank you for choosing Hi-Lite Roof & Gutter Maintenance Ltd to carry out your 8 Weekly Window Cleaning. We do also trade as HiLo Cleaning so you will see us around in the HiLo Cleaning vans.


We carry out a wide range of cleaning but now also specialise in gutter replacements and repairs. Please do let us know if you would like a free quotation in the future for any of your exterior needs and we would be more than happy to price up for you.

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