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Bird net


Bird Netting Installs: Welcome

Bird control netting for Marlborough residents and businesses

Here at Hi-Lite Roof & Gutters, we offer a hassle-free, and quality bird netting installation service. With a fully trained team, we can install a bird netting system to protect any area of your property. Suitable for all structures, whether it's your home or business. 

Suitable for small areas as well as complete roofs in other such areas, bird netting creates a barrier to birds and other pests.

Get in contact today to speak with us more about our bird netting installation and if it's right for you.

Low Angle View Of Pigeons Perching On Roof
Bird Netting Installs: About

Effective bird control where it's needed

Urban rooftops
Herring Gull adult and chick (Larus argenatatus) nesting on a chimney, against a blurred b
Pallets of boxes in warehouse

High-quality bird netting

Once installed our bird control netting will stop birds from using your property for roosting or nesting. Fitted exactly where it is needed it creates a seamless-looking deterrent.

Protection against birds

Protect your building or property from the local bird population without causing any harm.

Our bird netting can be fixed wall to wall to prevent any unwanted guests from nesting somewhere they shouldn't. 

Suitable for all structures and spaces

Suitable for all structures and areas. Perfect for both residential, commercial, and industrial properties. 

We can also supply pigeon spike


Bird Netting Installs: Services

Fully trained professionals in bird netting installation

At  Hi-Lite Roof & Gutters, we are fully trained in providing bird control netting and pigeon spike installation. We strive to make sure any property in need gets exactly what they need. 

Our other services include solar panel cleaning, residential window cleaning, gutter and roof maintenance, and even skylight cleaning for industrial properties.

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